Oil Commodity Trading

Oil Commodity Trading

Crude oil is the world economy’s primary and most valuable energy source, making it a hugely popular commodity amongst traders. Being the largest of the global commodity market, a minor supply disruption can increase oil prices, whereas, excess supply will drop prices.

Susceptible to geopolitical, economic instability, natural disasters, crude oil trading offers traders excellent opportunities to profit in nearly all market conditions.

Benefits of Trading Crude Oil with GO Markets

  • Trade with Leverage– Spot WTI Crude Oil and Spot Brent Crude Oil are traded on margin, so you can choose the leverage that suits you up to a maximum of 30:1*. This will allow a trader to open a much larger position with minimum investment.
  • Competitive Spreads – we have tight spreads on our full range of commodities
  • Trade on Powerful MT4 Platform – GO Markets offers both the powerful MetaTrader 4 as desktop and mobile trading platform options for traders to utilise. We provide these widely regarded platforms due to the efficient and high-quality trading opportunities they offer to traders at all levels.
  • Lower Trading Cost– Trading Oil attract a much lower cost compared to other instruments, keeping your commodity trading costs down
  • Trading Tools – using our mobile trading platforms, you can trade commodities across your favourite mobile devices.
  • Trade Long and Short – Take advantage of our wide range of premium trading tools and get an edge in the markets. Traders get exclusive access to this great collection of signals and plugins.

*The effect of leverage is that both gains and losses are magnified. You should only trade if you can afford to carry these risks.

Start trading Crude Oil CFD with GO Markets

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2. Fund account

Deposit via debit card or bank transfer to start trading

3. Place your trade

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