Why GO Markets for cryptocurrency CFDs?

Access popular cryptocurrencies: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and more

Leverage up to 2:1

Use leverage to control a larger position size with a smaller initial investment

Ease of transaction: no need to purchase the underlying asset

Trade 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

24/5 support with friendly, knowledgeable staff on call for all your needs

Trusted, reliable, regulated broker

Trade the fastest-growing cryptocurrencies

The dynamic cryptocurrency sector keeps on expanding. We’re focused on offering the world’s fastest-growing cryptos to trade as CFDs: Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Ripple and Litecoin.

With GO Markets you can speculate on the large price movements cryptocurrencies can experience. You don’t need to own the underlying assets, have a digital wallet or trade on a cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrencies available on the GO Markets platforms:

Range of Cryptocurrencies you can trade Trading example

Range of Cryptocurrencies you can trade

NameSymbolMargin (Wholesale)CurrencyMin. Trade Size
Bitcoin CashBCHUSD10%USD0.01

Trading example

Trading example: Cash CFD BTCUSD

Quote4500.50 / 4512.50
Contract size1 Standard size
Trading unitUSD

Trade example (Sell):

The quote means you will sell at: 4500.50

Strategy: you believe the BTCUSD will go lower, so you sell one contract at USD 4500.50

Margin Requirements:  You need to have the required margin available on your contract (see symbol specifications in MT4 platform)

Contract Size: The value of 1 see contract of BTCUSD is Price x Contract Size (4500.50 x 1 = $4500.50 USD)

Note: The contract size in monetary terms vary in accordance with market price.

Trade example (Close):

BTCUSD is now quoted at 4450.50 / 4462.50

Strategy: You decide to take profit and close the position at 4462.50

Profit/Loss calculation: (opening value – closing value) x contract size = profit/loss.

Calculation: (4500.50 – 4462.50) x 1 = $38.oo USD (Profit)

Account currency: Your profit/loss will now be converted to your account currency.

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Trading Example

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