Trading Mastery webinar

A comprehensive and inclusive online session designed for traders of all levels

Trading Mastery webinar

A comprehensive and inclusive online session designed for traders of all levels

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The GO Markets webinar is a comprehensive and inclusive online session designed for traders of all levels. The webinar covers a range of topics related to current market events, trading discipline, upcoming news, technical analysis, and the practical aspects of placing trades.

Session Date
Trading Mastery – Session 1:

  • What are and how to read News, Events and Publications
  • Analysis of market moves during News, Events and Publications
  • Trading strategy on News, Events and Publications
  • A deep dive into recent and upcoming high impact events
Thurs, Mar 14th 2024
7:30-8:30pm CET
Trading Mastery – Session 2:

  • What are Levels in trading
  • How to identify the Levels
  • Trading strategies using Levels
  • A deep dive into recent and upcoming high impact events
Thurs, Apr 11th 2024
6:30-7:30pm CEST
Trading Mastery – Session 3:

  • What is Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and Cryptos
  • Diversifying across asset classes
  • A specific trading strategy for trading Forex, Commodities, Indices, Stocks and Cryptos
  • A deep dive into recent and upcoming high impact events
Thurs, May 23rd 2024
6:30-7:30pm CEST

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Whether you're just starting your trading journey or looking to enhance your skills, this webinar provides a well-rounded experience tailored to the diverse needs of traders.

Our goal

To empower participants with knowledge and practical tools to navigate markets with confidence.

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Topics covered

Current Market Events

The webinar begins with an insightful discussion on the latest market events. Traders will gain valuable insights into the dynamics shaping the financial markets, enabling them to make informed decisions.

Trading Discipline

Emphasising the importance of discipline in trading, the webinar provides tips and strategies to help develop and maintain a strong trading discipline. Topics include risk management, setting realistic goals, and psychological aspects of trading.

Upcoming News Analysis

Dedicated to analysing upcoming economic events and news that could impact the markets. Traders will learn how to interpret economic indicators and navigate potential market volatility.

Technical Analysis

Delves into technical analysis, covering chart patterns, trend analysis, and key technical indicators. Beginners and advanced traders will benefit from practical insights into reading charts and identifying potential opportunities.

Placing Trades

A hands-on session where the presenter demonstrates the process of placing trades on the GO Markets platform. This includes order types, risk management techniques, and navigating the our trading platforms.

Interactive Q&A

An interactive Q&A session, allowing participants to ask questions on any aspects covered during the presentation. This fosters a collaborative learning environment and ensures that all attendees leave with a clear understanding of the discussed topics.


Matteo Morosinotto

More than two decades ago, Matteo developed an interest in trading as a hobby. His expertise primarily centered around a humanistic approach to training. At that time, discussions about trading psychology were scarce, unlike today where it forms the cornerstone of effective trading strategies.

Anticipating the evolving landscape, Matteo transitioned into various professional roles over the years. He served as a Customers Manager, Senior Account Manager, Business Development Manager and Portfolio Senior Officer, assessing trading strategies and investment funds for leading financial sector entities.

Lachlan Meakin

Lachlan has been in the financial trading industry for over 20 years, starting on a Futures trading desk in London for an investment bank in 2000 before moving into the FX and CFD industry in 2009. Since that move Lachlan has made it his passion to educate and inform clients so they can have the best chance possible of succeeding in their trading journey.

In his position as Head of Research for GO Markets Lachlan hosts regular webinars and posts videos and articles with trading ideas and educational material to make our clients the best traders they can be.

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