Trading Metals – Gold, Silver & More

GO Markets gives you access to a range of precious metal pairs to trade via its MT4 Platform as a CFD. You can trade gold CFDs, silver CFDs and more without the need to buy physical metals; our CFD solution allows you to trade only on the price movement.

We’re dedicated to making your trading experience fast and satisfying, offering powerful platforms as well as education and complimentary trading tools.

Gold and silver are two of the most commonly traded metals on a fast-moving global market. GO Markets offers CFD trading on gold and silver in pre-set lot sizes. For gold, a lot size is equivalent to 100 oz, and for silver, one lot is equivalent to 5,000 oz. This is a great way to take advantage of trading opportunities in this liquid market. The smaller lot sizes allow you to limit your risk and exposure while also diversifying your trading portfolio with gold CFDs and silver CFDs.

Trade Better with GO Markets

GO Markets provide new and experienced traders with access to educational resources, powerful programs and round-the-clock support. Whether you’re just starting out with trading metals or looking for a new platform to improve your strategy, GO Markets is the first choice when it comes to trading.

Leverage Levels

At GO Markets, we offer different leverage based on our clients’ preference and trading ability.
Please refer to the available leverages based on the account types.

Available Leverage Product
30:1 Major currency pairs
20:1 Non-major currency pairs, gold and major equity indices
10:1 Commodities other than gold and non-major equity indices
5:1 Individual equities and any underlying assets not otherwise mentioned

Margin Requirement

Margin Requirement is an initial deposit required to maintain open trading positions. A portion of your trading account funds will be set aside as a margin deposit and this will be dependent on your leverage setting.
To help you understand how margin requirement in forex trading works, we have prepared two examples below:

Example 1

Margin requirement for one standard contract position in EUR/USD at 1.15000 with a leverage of 1:30 is calculated as follows:
Margin = (1 * 100,000 * $1.1500) / (30) = $3,833.33

Example 2

Margin requirement for one standard contract position in EUR/JPY at 122.760 with a leverage of 1:30 is calculated as follows:
Margin = (1 * 100,000 * $122.760) / (30) = JPY$409,200

Assuming your MT4 account is denominated in USD, we will need to convert the margin requirement into USD:
Assuming the rate for USD/JPY is 109.725
Margin = $122.760 / 109.725 = $1118.79

Margin Call

It is important for traders to understand the meaning of Margin Call before they trade. Margin Call is a measure set by brokers to alert traders prior to their account funds falling below the Margin Requirement. This prevents liquidation of open positions due to insufficient Margin Requirement.

At GO Markets, Margin Call is set at 80%, therefore, if your Equity (Balance – Open Positions Profit/Loss) falls below 80% of the margin required to maintain your positions, a notification within MT4 will alert you to make an additional deposit to maintain your open positions.

Stop Out Level

After Margin Call, you should understand the meaning of Stop Out Levels. If you are unable to maintain sufficient funds in your account after hitting the Margin Call level, and your account funds depreciates to the Stop Out level, your positions will be closed automatically to prevent further losses which might put you into negative.

At GO Markets, Stop Out level is set at 50%.

Trading Hours for Metals

Instrument Trading Hours (Platform time)
XAUUSD Mon – Fri: 1:01 AM – 11:59 PM
XAGUSD Mon – Fri: 1:01 AM – 11:59 PM

*Note: Trading hours are subject to change without prior notice. Liquidity Providers may adjust trading schedule as necessary, depending on market conditions.