Leverage Rates at GO

By default, all client accounts are set up using a leverage rate of 30:1 for Major FX Pairs . Please consider which leverage rate is appropriate for your needs. It is important to understand the concept of leverage and how it may impact on your trading. According to ESMA guidelines, the leverage limits are listed below.

Please Note:

Certain currencies attract a higher margin rate irrespective of your account leverage. Some currencies may have a fixed leverage rate, while others (such as exotic currencies), may require up to five (5) times the margin rate of a major currency.

If you wish to change your GO Markets trading account’s leverage ratio, please login to your account and submit a request.

Type of Underlying Asset Initial Margin Protection Leverage Limit
Major Currency Pair 3.33% 30:1
Non-major currency pairs, gold and major indices 5% 20:1
Commodities other than gold and non-major equity indices 10% 10:1
For individual equities and other reference values 20% 5:1

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