US Trade vs the World
January 30, 2018

US Trade vs the World   Since Donald Trump became the President of the United States in 2016, we have heard him say a lot about the "unbelievably bad" trade agreements the world’s largest economy has with some countries around the world. We h...

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World's Largest Economies
January 18, 2018

World's Largest Economies By Klavs Valters When it comes to the top national economies around the globe, the United States is well ahead of all countries - having the  largest economy by Gross Domestic Product (GDP). The United States generates n...

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City of London Feeling the Brexit Effect
January 15, 2018

City of London Feeling the Brexit Effect By Klavs Valters Not a day goes by without Brexit being mentioned and we can expect more of this to continue for some time, even after Britain leaves the European Union next year. With the International Moneta...

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UK Trade vs The World
January 10, 2018

UK Trade vs The World By Klavs Valters With the UK leaving the European Union next year, its trading arrangements with the bloc will change. How they will change will be determined over the coming months when both parties start the second phase of th...

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UK Making Post-Brexit Plans
January 5, 2018

UK Making Post-Brexit Plans By Klavs Valters   2018 is shaping up to be a defining year for the relationship between the United Kingdom and the European Union. After making sufficient progress in the first phase of negotiations, talks will now b...

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