a-Quant Daily Trading Strategies

Take Advantage of Daily Trading Strategies by a-Quant

a-Quant is an innovative Fintech company with headquarters in Cyprus and offices in Athens, Greece and London, UK. a-Quant has developed state-of-the-art trading products, based on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence algorithms designed for brokers.

“Daily Strategies is a unique signal service for FX Traders, that produces a big number of signals for high frequency trading for the most major FX currency pairs, based on Machine Learning/Artificial Intelligence and Technical Analysis algorithms.”

“Daily Strategies produces 9-12 signals per day on average, for the 10 most popular FX currency pairs and can be delivered straight in your inbox.”

The image below presents a typical Daily Strategies signal through e-mail:

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“a-Quant are a team of experts in Artificial Intelligence, Computational Finance & Finance with more than 25 years trading experience each, having worked in Hedge funds, big corporations, research institutes & academia.”

a-Quant team aggregates millions of data points from more than 12 different data sources and uses a combination of machine learning algorithms for regime detection, sentiment analysis, clustering, co-integration and Hidden Markov Models development in order to produce high probability trading signals of certain risk/reward characteristics.

a-Quant covers the USA, Europe and Asia markets, and the financial instruments that focus on:

  • Forex
  • Indices
  • Commodities
  • Futures
  • Stocks

Important Notice:

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